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Help Rocky Mount by Adopting a tree!adopt_a_tree.png

Rocky Mount strives to recreate the year 1791 demonstrating William Cobb's frontier home and farm, even though the rest of the world progresses and expands.  Recently, in order to enhance Rocky Mount, and help insulate the site from the modern world, the state of Tennessee has obtained land across Hyder Hill road.

In consultation with Hugh Conlon, Master Gardener and retired Extension agent Rocky Mount has a multi-stage plan to utilize the newly acquired land.  Phase 1 is planting a quick growing, evergreen "wall" of Green Giant Arborvitae to create a visual and sound barrier.  Phase 2 involves planting slower growing, native hardwoods and bushes.  Once everything is established, new walking trails and programming areas are planned for the new land.

Phase One has begun!

To visually isolate Rocky Mount, the first stage is to build a wall of evergreens: specifically Green Giant Arborvitae.  This is a fast growing, disease resistant tree forms a natural conical shape and dense rich foliage. After watering for one year, these trees are maintenance free.  Growing up to three feet per year, they mature to 50'-60' with a 12-20' spread. Placed in two rows, these will create an effective "wall of green".  

Your $50 donation buys a tree valued at $80--  a great way to honor a loved one!

Due to grants, other discounts and volunteer help, with your $50 donation, Rocky Mount can purchase, plant and maintain a four foot Green Giant Arborvitae-- which retail at $80.  Each donated tree will be honored with a plaque identifying the tree, "Adopted By" "In Honor of" or "In Memory of", and then a person or business name.  Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  

Every Dollar Helps!

Eventually hundreds of trees and shrubs will be planted, and every dollar helps.  If you cannot commit to a $50 arborvitae, please donate what you can. Your donation will go towards smaller trees and other plants, mulch and other necessities for the project.

Donate Today!

To give to Rocky Mount's Adopt a Tree program, you can send a check to Rocky Mount (PO Box 160; Piney Flats TN, 37686) or follow the Pay Pal button below to pay by credit card or Pay Pal. Remember to include your Honor/Memory/Adopted text if you donate $50 or more. (There is a place in Pay Pal, before you check out, to put the text).  For more information you can call Rocky Mount (423) 538-7396 or email info@rockymountmuseum.com