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Our Educational Programs are Designed for K-12 and Beyond. 

Field Trips

• Come Visit Us
• Programs for Pre-K - 12 grade
• Tour & Craft Program - for up to 80 students
• Crafts for all grade levels
• Craft examples; fireplace cooking, pewter casting, quill pen writing, etc


• We Come To You
• Appropriate for all ages
• Field trip comes to the classroom
• Examples: Museum in a box. fashion show for kids
• Grade appropriate craft included with each visit


• We Come to You Virtually
• Online Video Calls (Zoom, WebEx)
• Examples; guess the artifact, museum in a box, etc.
• In-class worksheets & tests
• Online Course - Coming Soon

Summer Camp Kids Cooking

We Believe Education is Important!

The classroom is not the only place where children and children at heart can learn about the colonial period and the importance of creating a brand new state at the very beginning of our Nation. Here, our passion is educating people about everything from the clothing worn to the politics of the tail end of the 18th century. With Rocky Mount being the Capital of the Southwest Territory, a home of a magistrate, and a rallying point for the search for Major Patrick Fergeson, we enjoy watching the spark ignite in our patrons who visit and hear them tell others about all they have learned.

Educational Programs

- Our Programs -

Living History Tour

This program offers your group the opportunity to interact with the Cobb and Massengill families in the year 1791. It includes a video orientation, a brief guided museum gallery tour, and costumed interpretation through the historic site. The Living History Tour accommodates both large and small groups. Usually requires a stay of around 2 hours.

Living History Tour & Craft

The Tour and Craft option allows your students to get hands-on experience with 18th century crafts, as well as the Living History Tour described above. It normally requires 3 1/2 hours and is only available for groups up to 80 students. 

Living History Sampler

Samplers are structured to accommodate very large groups (80 students or more.) As the title suggests, students will get a “sample” of 18th century life and demonstrations. Requires a stay of 3 to 4 hours.

Preschool Program

Suitable for our youngest visitors, this program includes stories and games, a visually oriented “Adventure Tour,” a visit with Rocky Mount’s Cotswold sheep and a take home art project. You can choose a special emphasis on wool processing or traditional toys. Requires a stay of 1 1/2 hours.  

Kindergarten Program

This program consists of a 3rd person tour of the Cobb farmstead and introductory video, with the emphasis on wool processing and a visit with Rocky Mount’s Cotswold sheep. 

Outreach Program

This program is designed to “come to you.” With our outreach programs, you decide which lesson(s) we will bring to your class. We have multiple lessons that you can choose from that average around 45-60 minutes. Some programs come with additional crafts that will require certain age groups and additional lesson time.

• Option 1, “Fashion’s Statement,” is intended for 3rd-12th grade and adult groups. “Fashion’s Statement” focuses on clothing of the 18th century. In this course you learn about fashion from all classes of society and the many materials used to create clothing.

• Option 2, “Nature’s Palette,” is designed for preschool-12th grade and adults groups. This program’s focus is on the variety of dyes that could be created through objects found in nature.

• Option 3, “The Mightiest Tool,” this program is designed for 3rd-12th grade and adult groups. “The Mightiest Tool” focuses on the importance of writing and the tools needed to do so. This lesson also offers an additional craft class only for 6th grade and up, as you will be creating your own quill pens and journals.

- Our Testimonials -

What The Parents Say

"Rocky Mount is the perfect place to take a walk-through history. From their museum, to the grounds, to the staff; all is engaging for any age. We love being able to learn the history of our area, but also the lifestyle of the people during that time period. We go as a family, but I also take my class on field trips. I always leave with a new fun fact."
Rebecca S.
"This is a neat place to visit. People are in colonial garments and it’s a similar experience to visiting Williamsburg. We went earlier this year to learn how to make candles and soap. My 5-year-old loves it! We just did their Christmas program and it was very informative. Also, they have sheep you can pet. Who doesn’t like to pet sheep?!"
Amy B.


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