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It's Time For Christmas Tours at Rocky Mount

Two Different Experiences

Candlelight Christmas

Candlelight Christmas

Our Candlelight tours offer a unique Christmas experience with period-attired interpreters that many of our guests have come to love over the years. During the Candlelight tour, you’ll travel back to Christmas Eve 1791 when the Cobb family home is celebrating with handmade decorations of greenery, lit by candles, and full of cheer. You will meet and rejoice with the Cobb family, the Governor, and many of their friends and neighbors as you tour the historic homestead.

Cobb House in Snow

A Colonial Christmas

This year we are expanding our tour offerings and including a new daytime tour. This tour will feature a tour guide who will take you through the historic homestead during the day explaining the history of Christmas traditions that took place in East Tennessee. These tours are an interactive daytime experience designed to make learning about the Tennessee Frontiersmen and women fun and memorable. Come learn about the Christmas traditions of our Tennessean settlers led by one of our tour guides as you walk on the Capitol grounds.

Welcome To
Rocky Mount

Take a step back in time and experience Tennessee history in a gorgeous and peaceful setting. Rocky Mount State Historic Site is the home of the First Capitol of the Southwest Territory. Located throughout our site is the famous Cobb-Massengill House and other historic structures that take you back in time to the late 1700s. On Rocky Mount’s 35 acres, visitors will also find a flock of Cotswold Sheep, a blacksmith shop, and a garden maintained by Master Gardeners. On the grounds, passionate costumed interpreters, educators, museum guides, and numerous volunteers share their expertise with guests. As guests leave, they leave with a greater knowledge of the history of Northeast Tennessee and the State of Tennessee. Rocky Mount also features a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum filled with 18th and 19th century artifacts, along with displays that share valuable historical information. For a more immersive experience, check out the many interactive programs and events we have to offer here at Rocky Mount.

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