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Take a step back in time and experience Tennessee history in a gorgeous and peaceful setting. Rocky Mount State Historic Site is home of the famous Cobb house and other historic structures and is well-known for its service as the capital of the Southwest Territory in the late 1700s. On Rocky Mount’s 40 acres, visitors will also find a flock of authentic Cotswold sheep, a blacksmith shop and a garden maintained by master gardeners. On the grounds, passionate costumed interpreters, educators, museum guides and many volunteers share their expertise with guests, who will leave with greater knowledge of the history of Northeast Tennessee and the state. The site also features a beautiful, state-of-the-art museum filled with 18th and 19th century artifacts and valuable historical information. For a more immersive experience, check out the many programs and events offered at Rocky Mount. We’re glad you have joined us!

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Upcoming Events

Homeschool Days

Connect with Your Heritage

Rocky Mount State Historic Site’s annual “Homeschool Days” program allows children who are homeschooled the opportunity to take part in our Tour & Craft program. This program is traditionally offered to brick and motor school students and requires a “classroom” sized group for reservations. With remote learning offered as an educational option for students this fall, our Homeschool Days program is also a great opportunity for those students as well. Homeschool Days gives parents a field trip destination which aides them in the teaching of history. Students will be able to partake in daily living activities, just as our ancestors would do over 250 years ago. This special “hands on” learning experience is designed to give students a first-hand knowledge of the difficulties of frontier life in the late 1700’s.

Fall Festival

Come Celebrate the Fall in 1791

It’s time for our Fall Festival at Rocky Mount! This October 17th come celebrate the fall season of 1791 at the original Capital of the Southwest Territory! If you’re looking for a fun-filled day to soak up the Fall season, then come join the Cobb family and their friends as they celebrate the harvest. Living history tours of the Cobb farm will take place all day. Demonstrations on site will include blacksmithing, fireplace cooking, apple butter making, apple cider pressing, and much more. Stop and smell the biscuits baking in the kitchen or give the apple butter a stir. There will also be toys and games including sack races, corn hole, & 18th century games that will be available for all ages. Crafts, including pumpkin painting, Halloween decoration painting, corn shuck dolls, and candle making will be offered for an additional fee. Tickets are limited this year due to COVID19, so purchase your tickets soon!

A Haunting on The Mount

A Guided Haunted Tour with Spooky Stories

Creepy tales and family friendly stories alike will unfold from within at Rocky Mount State Historic Site, as we present our 1st Annual Haunting during the last two weekends in October. Experience the haunted history of the past as you tour our historic site guided by an 18th century interpretive storyteller and listen to the chilling tales of the past and recent accounts of paranormal encounters.

Our Tour Types

Living History Tours

A Guided Historic Site Tour with Historical Reenactors.

For the most immersive experience of early settler life, don’t miss our tours featuring interpreters in period attire. Our experienced interpreters lead you through the historic site, sharing stories of early settler life as you explore the grounds. The highlight of this tour is the use of first-person interpretation to show our guests the way of life in 1791. Don’t expect our interpreters to discuss modern-day life in this tour because they would rather talk about muskets and other elements of the late 18th century. Our interpreters bring Rocky Mount to life and allow visitors to truly experience the beginning of Tennessee.

Tennessee Heritage Tours

A Guided Museum Experience & A Tour of the Historic Site

Have you ever wondered how the first settlers of Tennessee survived and how Tennessee became the 16th state? Take one of our guided tours to learn about Tennessee’s rich history and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for our forefathers. Explore the grounds of the first capital of the Southwest Territory, the homestead of the Cobb family, who played a crucial role in the Revolutionary War. Rocky Mount State Historic Site is home to a large collection of authentic 1700s artifacts important to early settler life. Your tour guides will answer questions, share helpful information and lead you through the museum and the historic homestead. You’ll hear stories, learn about traditions and make everlasting memories as you explore the life of early Tennessee. See how Tennessee began at Rocky Mount and prepare to be amazed by its heritage.

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Your contribution to Rocky Mount Historical Association helps directly support our mission of enriching the lives of the public through educational programs focused upon customs, values, and practices of the early settlers. We love serving our community and appreciate your support. 

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